Majoni Fender Replacement Brass Valve

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Description du produit

Majoni Fender Replacement Brass Valve

  • Durable brass manufacture
  • Non return design function
  • Easy to replace
  • Fits all Majoni fenders

Note: Do not force open the non-return mechanism (flap) by using excessive pressure with a metal pin or nail, as this could damage the valve.

Caution: Using a needle-type adaptor for inflation can also harm the valve.

If deflation becomes necessary, gently probe the valve with a ball-point pen, pushing only the minimum distance required to open the non-return mechanism. Listen for any escaping air.

Recommended Inflation Pressure: maintain an optimum inflation pressure of 0.2 bar.  At this level, you should be able to visibly press the fender wall with the flat of your hand.  Keep an eye on inflation levels, as ambient temperature affects the pressure inside the fenders.

Majoni Valve Replacement Instructions:

  1. Screw an M3 threaded bolt or machine screw into the valve.
  2. Firmly grip the bolt head with a pair of pliers and carefully pull the damaged valve out of the fender wall.
  3. Insert the new valve into the hole in the fender wall using the same method - using a bolt, pliers, and gentle hand pressure.

Remember to handle the valve components with care to ensure proper functionality and longevity.

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