ValvTect Bioguard Plus 6 Diesel Additives

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Description du produit

BioGuard Plus 6 is the product specially formulated to prevent bacteria and algae, plus all other Diesel fuel related problems.

  • Diesel fuel and biodiesel stabiliser to prevent formation of insoluble and sludge that plug fuel filters and injectors
  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitor to protect fuel tanks and the entire fuel system
  • Contains moisture dispersant to prevent moisture from dropping out which can cause sludge, filter plugging and corrosion
  • Contains Diesel Guard Supreme detergent package to prevent and clean up existing deposits.Clean injectors will start engines easier, improve engine power output and can boost fuel economy up to 6%
  • Contains centane improver to provide more complete combustion, reduce exhaust emissions and improve cold temperature starting
  • 1 Litre treats 1500 Litres.  3.785 L (1 gallon) treats 5678 L (1500 gallons); 946 mL (1 quart) treat 1420 L (375 gallons)
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