Epifanes Classic Teak Stain

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Description du produit

Epifanes Classic Teak Stain is a high-quality stain providing a beautiful in-depth warm golden Teak colour on wood. It can be used on ageing and patchy timber to create an even tone.  It bonds well to bare wood and existing intact varnish systems and may be used to camouflage discoloured / aged wood prior to applying Epifanes varnishes. 

This quick drying stain renders a beautiful warm golden teak colour. Depending on desired finished look, each coat will continue to darken the colour of the stain; a maximum of 3 coats may be applied to bare wood.

Use on both interior and exterior woodwork above the waterline. Recoatable after only 2 hours at 20°C. Classic Teak Stain is recoatable with all Epifanes 1 and 2-part varnishes.

It is possible to mix Classic Teak Stain (maximum 10%) with Epifanes 1 and 2-part varnishes to create a lightly tinted finish for camouflaging colour differences in an existing system. Do not reduce this product.

For more product information, please refer to Product Data Sheet.

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