Epifanes Rapidcoat Varnish


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Description du produit

Rapidcoat offers quick and easy wood protection without the hassle of sanding between coats. Almost identical to it is companion product, Rapidclear, the only difference is that Rapidcoat is lightly tinted giving the finish a rich warm color.  It is a one-component wood finish based on modified alkyd/urethane resin.  


Epifanes Rapidcoat can be used for renewing weathered areas prior to applying a varnish system or as a full system for those requiring a quick and easy semi-gloss finish with maximum durability, U.V. protection and longevity.  


Rapidcoat provides an enhancing coat that bonds extremely well to teak and other oily woods, preventing discoloration and emphasizing the natural grain of the wood.  It has great water resistance and flexibility.  


Only four to five coats need to be applied under most conditions and Rapidcoat can be applied every 5 - 6 hours.  Maintenance is easy.  Simply clean the surface and re-apply when needed.


For more specific application guidance, please refer to the Product Datasheet. 

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