Epifanes Surface Prep / Rust Remover

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Description du produit

Epifanes Rust Remover or Rust Converter is based on water resisting polymers, is not toxic and non-flammable.  It does not contain any acids and does not harm the environment.  Stops the rusting process and is flame retarded.

Apply Epifanes Rust Remover by brush, roller or spray.  Do not thin.  Note: This product is no substitute for any (primer-) coat.  It is designed for surface preparation prior to applying an anti-corrosion paint system.  500mL pack is sufficient for approx 10m?.

Instruction: Well degrease the steel.  Remove all loose rust particles by steel brush or by coarsely sanding.  Flush the surface with tap water in order to remove all remaining contamination.  Continue by applying one thin coat Epifanes Rust Remover.  This coat will quickly react with the rust creating a smooth blue-blackish surface which is the perfect base for painting with virtually all types of anti-corrosion primers. (i.e. Epifanes Multi Marine Primer or Epifanes Epoxy Primer.) Epifanes Rust Remover / Rust Converter may also be topcoated with waterbased primers.  Do not apply more than one thin coat.  Recoatability: Minimum 3 hours - Maximum 48 hours Epifanes Rust Remover / Converter adheres very well on moist steel and under humid conditions.

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