Moeller Zinc Primer


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Description du produit

Moeller Zinc Primer.  Self-etching phosphate primer chemically bonds with aluminium and steel to form a corrosion-resistant base coat.

  • For aluminium surfaces above or below the waterline use our Zinc Chromate; this power primer etches into the aluminium to form a strong surface / primer bond that is corrosion resistant
  • For surfaces above the waterline, including bare metal, steel, iron, fiberglass, and wood
  • For steel and iron surfaces, especially welded joints, above or below the water line, use Zinc Cold Galvanizing or Zinc Phosphate; this corrosive barrier contains a high percentage (95?) of zinc, giving maximum protection against solvents and abrasives
  • Quick-dry formula
  • Improves bonding of colour coat
  • Helps fight rust
  • Helps level nicks & hairline cracks
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