Rupes BigFoot LHR 21ES Random Orbital Polisher


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Description du produit

Rupes BigFoot LHR 21ES Random Orbital Polisher characterised by its large Ø21 mm orbit and Ø150 mm RUPES backing pad, the electric LHR 21ES random orbital polisher is perfect for working large surface areas. The perfectly balanced polisher, combined with the Ø150 / 180 mm foam polishing pads of the RUPES BigFoot range, guarantees rapid cutting and an impeccable finish.


  • The random orbital movement reduces the overall polishing time
  • The orbit up to 21 mm enables to quickly obtain gloss and colour depth
  • The electronic feedback control maintains speed constant in all applications
  • Soft Start guarantees an acceleration ramp to prevent accidental dispersion of compound unwanted
  • The antispinning feature prevents the high speed rotations avoiding scratches
  • New ergonomic front handle
  • The 500 W RUPES motor reduces power consumption
  • Polyurethane backup pad designed by Rupes
  • The tool can be easily used even by unskilled operators


  • The 21 mm orbit is suitable for all polishing operations on all types of surfaces: painted surfaces or recently painted surfaces and finishing applications
  • Denibbing
  • Holograms removing

Backing Pad

Ø 150 mm


Ø 21 mm


230 Vac


500 W


2000 - 4200


2.6 kg

Speed Control


Spindle Thread


Backing Pad Supplied


Electrical Cord

9 m

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