ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades


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Description du produit

ScrapeRite plastic razor blades designed with two sharp edges used for scraping, cleaning and peeling.  Quickly and easily removes undesired materials from most surface without damage.  These blades are not for cutting.


  • Orange - General Purpose.  Softest materials, very pliable and forgiving, for use on delicate surfaces like auto paint, other plastics, finished wood, painted surfaces, and soft surfaces.
  • Blue - Hard & Flexible.  Medium compound, still pliable yet durable, for use on surfaces like gaskets, fibreglass & gelcoat, soft metals, bathtubs and tile, and uneven surfaces.
  • Yellow - Rigid & Strong.  Hardest compound, most rigid, mainly for use on hard, flat surfaces like windows, granite & marble, metals, unfinished wood, and rigin surfaces.


All types also able to remove adhesives, bird dropping, crusted dirt and bugs, baked and dry food, paint overspray and splatter, sign letters, tape, and wax.

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