Makeart River 1888 Table Top UV Resistant Casting Clear Epoxy System

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Description du produit

Makeart River 1888 table top casting clear epoxy resin system is a solvent and VOC free, water-clear epoxy formulated for castings up to 20 mm deep in a single pour. A very low mixed viscosity provides improved air release, and the slow cure reaction controls heat build-up, enabling deep castings to be poured in elevated temperatures.

Part A resin contains UV inhibitors which give it a blue colour in the container.  When combined with part B hardener, the mixture becomes colour clear.  River 1888 has excellent self-levelling and gloss performance and can be sanded and polished if required.  With exceptional clarity, River 1888 is ideal for clear or tinted, solid or embedded large castings including river table applications.

For more technical information, please refer to Product Data Sheet.

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